Where To Buy Genuine Vitamin C Serum? Definite Guide


To get adequate amounts of Vitamin C in your body, you need to consume fruits, vegetables, and other food that are rich in it. To use it for caring for your skin, Vitamin C serums are the best way to do it. Topical application of Vitamin C is proven to be faster and more effective than taking it orally.

There are tons of Vitamin C serums on the market today, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices you’ll find. Everyone promises excellent results, but the real question is: are they the real thing? How can you tell which ones are fake and which are the real ones?

Vitamin C serums aren’t inexpensive, the reason many counterfeit products flourish on the market, whether online or on physical stores. We’ll give you some tips on how and where to buy Vitamin C serums and enjoy the many benefits this beauty potion can do for you. Read on as we already did the work so you won’t have to wonder about where to get yours.

When looking for Vitamin C serums, the first thing you’d probably do is go online and search for general cosmetic websites. Online shopping has become widespread and convenient, with just a few clicks, you’ll get to see a plethora of serums. All you need is your chosen payment method and then wait for the item to arrive at your doorstep.

However, traditional stores have advantages over shopping online. Let’s take a look at the difference between these two, so you’ll have an idea where to find the best Vitamin C serum for you.


Advantages of Buying Online

Save Time and Money

You don’t have to travel, so you save on gas, no more parking fees, so you save money. Also, you don’t have to spend too much time going to and from the store to get your serum. You also have the leisure of buying any time you want, no need to rush to get to the store’s opening hours.

You Can Read the Feedback And Customer Reviews

Most online stores have feedback systems that let the buyer relate their experiences with the products and the sellers. This is a good way to tell if you should go through with a purchase or find another product or seller. You can get firsthand information from those who have actually tried the product themselves.

You Have A Better Choice

Shopping online lets you compare prices, choose brands, sizes, or types. Even if the product is out of stock, you can wait for them to arrive without the hassle of traveling to the store again. Shopping online can also cost less as the seller doesn’t have to pay for a physical store. Thus they are ready to lower down their prices.

Disadvantages of Buying Online

Serums Ingredients

Here are the main disadvantages of buying online vs brick and mortar establishments:

You Can’t See the Actual Product

You’ll only get to see pictures of the product, and sometimes, you won’t be able to see the ingredients list.

You’ll Have to Wait for the Product to Arrive

Shipping time can depend on the location of the product or the seller. Whether fast shipment is offered or not, you’d still have to wait for the product to arrive.

Some Retailers Will Make You Pay for Shipment

There are times that the shipping costs more than the product itself. Also, the risk of not getting your item is higher than when shopping in stores.

How to Avoid Buying Fake Products?

To avoid buying counterfeit Vitamin serums whether online or in-store, always make sure to buy from reputable sellers only. The best way to do this is to go directly to the website of the manufacturer of your chosen serum brand. If the seller has a physical store, it’s best to go there as they can help you with your other concerns as well.

Resist the temptation of buying Vitamin C serums that seem cheaper when purchased from sellers that have little to no feedback. You also need to look at the brand itself, choose serums that are made by reputable companies. Even if you choose to buy a high-end brand but it is sold cheaper than most sellers, never give in as they are sure to be fake.

The general rule of buying online or offline is that if something sounds too good to be true – it usually is!!!

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