Organic VS Non-Organic Vitamin C Serums - Does It Really Matter?

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We all know the health benefits of Vitamin C for our bodies and how it can provide us with beautiful skin as well. This is the reason Vitamin C serums are popular nowadays. But not all serums are created the same.

The big difference between different Vitamin C serums is in the ingredients used. Vitamin C serums come in organic and non-organic variants. From cleaning supplies to food, going organic on the rise and for very good reasons.

The use of an organic Vitamin C serum has increased benefits over synthetic ones. Just as we take care of what we put in our bodies with the food we eat, we should also be critical of what we put on our skins. Organic Vitamin C serums are the way to go.

Read on as we take a closer look at what it means to consider going organic when choosing Vitamin C serums for our face.

What Does Organic Mean In Vitamin C Serums?

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Organic products contain ingredients that are derived from plant sources. The plants that are used in obtaining these ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, bioengineered genes, or oil-based fertilizers. These ingredients come from sources that are farmed using methods that promote recycling and biodiversity.

Natural ingredients mean that there are no synthetic compounds used in their production. Organic Vitamin C serums work more efficiently and are better for you.  There are studies that show a connection between illness and chemical use so even with serums; we need to be conscious about using synthetic-free ingredients.

Benefits of Using Organic Vitamin C Serums

Let’s take a look at the main reasons to buy Organic VS Non-Organic Vitamin C Serum

Easily Absorbed

Our skins absorb 60% of what touches it. So if we put chemicals on it, it’s sure to be absorbed by our bodies. Vitamin C serums are proven to be absorbed faster that’s why you can instantly see and feel a difference when you use it regularly.

When you look at the ingredients of non-organic serums, you’d be surprised at the number of toxins you’ll be putting in your body. Organic serums contain 95% natural ingredients making them safe to use.

Organic Has Fewer, If Any, Toxins

Organic Vitamin C serums contain fewer toxins than non-organic ones. Organic serums do not contain harsh chemicals that could harm your skin. They don’t have irritants, preservatives, and unnecessary fillers that could potentially cause redness and irritations.

Nearly all skin care products that are non-organic contain at least one toxic ingredient that can be linked to cancer. An example of these is parabens that are used as preservatives in most cosmetics and skin care products.

Organic Is Environment-Friendly

The chemicals used in most skin care products, Vitamin C serums included, do not break down easily and can accumulate in our ecosystems. When we wash our faces after spending the night with Vitamin C serum on our skins, the chemicals are washed down through our sinks. They then go directly to our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Even the production of these chemicals isn’t good for the environment. Ingredients derived from plants that have been sprayed with insecticides are proven to be toxic as well, not only to the soil but also to our bodies.

Just as Potent As Non-Organic

You may think that chemicals work faster and better, but studies show that it is not the whole truth. It has been proven that the antioxidant levels of organic ingredients are higher than those that use synthetic materials. This means that organic Vitamin C serums are equal, if not more potent than non-organic ones.

Plus, since non-organic serums contain chemicals that can harm your skin, organic serums can even work better for you. They are void of preservatives and other additives that may interfere with how the real ingredients work to make your skin look better.


Almost all organic Vitamin C serums that we know of do not use animals for testing their products. This may be because it comes with the territory of being all natural, all organic. If you love animals or if you’re a vegan, this is the one reason to switch to organic Vitamin C serums.

Usually More Nutrients

Organic Serums Have More Nutrients

The reason we want a healthy diet is to get more nutrients inside our bodies. As they say, you are what you eat. When you eat unhealthy food such as processed meat or too much sugar, it will definitely show.

The same goes for our skin. Using organic products free us from putting in chemicals through our skin that can harm our whole bodies. In addition, organic ingredients can improve our health as well as give us good complexions.

Organic Smells Better

Non-organic Vitamin C serums contain fragrance that comes from chemicals such as limonene. This is the component that gives it the scent similar to real oranges. With organic serums, all you get is the natural scent of its natural ingredients.

Everything is scented using natural ingredients, no imitations. So when you smell rose in your organic vitamin C serum, you can be sure it has rose essential oil in it. To make sure you’re getting a serum without added chemicals for fragrance, look for “fragrance-free” or “natural fragrance” on the label.

More Value for Your Money

Most people think that organic products are more expensive. But when you look at the benefits you’ll get when you go organic; itis more cost-effective. You’ll save money in the long run.

It’s a common misconception that organic Vitamin C serums cost more. When compared to the mass-produced chemical-laden ones, they really are. But why risk your overall health and that of nature’s when you use synthetic serums?

So What’s The Best Organic Vitamin C Serum? 

Who doesn’t want beautiful skin? Vitamin C serums are proven effective in making us look more beautiful and youthful. The choices out on the market can be confusing as they all offer magnificent results.

To narrow down your options, why not switch to organic? They provide more benefits, they offer fewer problems and risks, and you can help take care of the environment while you’re at it.Overall, going organic with your Vitamin C serums can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. 

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